November 27, 2018 | Posted Updates | Be the first one to comment.

Dr. Pine and staff are pleased to announce that Dr. Joe Fava is the new owner of the practice and it will be re-located to his clinic in Yorkville Village. The entire team of Dentistry on Yorkville will be at Hazelton Lanes dental group.  We are excited and eager to move from the basement on Yorkville to office in the mall.  We look forward to continuing to maintain your oral health in the new location. 

We are pleased to continue providing the option of correcting areas of gum recession with the 'magic' of Pinhole Surgery Gum Rejuvenation. Check out the before and after photos for the impressive results as treated in our office. 


January 2018 was initiated with the celebration of Rose's birthday.  We had lunch at Paramount Fine Foods on Bay Street and did not leave hungry!  Of course, we had room for birthday cake.  Wishng Rose a very happy birthday and everyone of you a happy and healthy New Year!  See you soon. 

Our final celebration of the year was our Christmas Party for 2017.  We had a fine dinner at Wish restaurant on Charles Street.  This was followed by a live performance of The Wizard of Oz at The Lower Ossington Theatre. We wish everyone a happy holidays.  Happy New Year!  Looking forward to continue helping you improve your oral health in 2018.

The second celebration of December honoured Ashley on the occasion of her birthday.  Lunch and birthday cake made the day just right!

Our end of year celebrations was kicked off with the celebration of Brooke's birthday with a scrumptious lunch at Planta on Bay.  Watch for our next celebrations coming soon. 

Halloween was a scary event on October 31!  Staff and patients had fun. 

We are happy to welcome Stephanie to your team at Dentistry on Yorkville.  She brings over 10 years of dental assisting experience to the office.  We are excited to have her with us.

We wish Michelle the best of luck as she explores new endeavours after three years with our offlce.  We thank her for her fine service and wish her well.

The month of January gets a double header for birthday celebrations with Michelle being the second one.  We visited Bronwstone Bistro on Yonge Street south of the office and we even enjoyed a rendition of Happy Birthday played on the piano.  Happy Birthday Michelle!

We celebrated Rose's birthday on the 18th of January by visiting Sabai Sabai on Bloor.  Good food and great company!