Happy Birthday to the best Dental Technologist ever.....KARIM!  Cheers to another year!!!

     Happy Birthday Rose!  Wishing you all the best with many happy returns!

It's been a year since our practices merged.  We thank everyone for their patience during our transitional phase.  We couldn't have asked for a better team and most importantly our patients for their continued trust and confidence in us.  We look forward to continuing to serve you and you loved ones in the years to come!


November 27, 2018 | Posted Updates | Be the first one to comment.

Dr. Pine and staff are pleased to announce that Dr. Joe Fava is the new owner of the practice and it will be re-located to his clinic in Yorkville Village. The entire team of Dentistry on Yorkville will be at Hazelton Lanes dental group.  We are excited and eager to move from the basement on Yorkville to office in the mall.  We look forward to continuing to maintain your oral health in the new location. 

We are pleased to continue providing the option of correcting areas of gum recession with the 'magic' of Pinhole Surgery Gum Rejuvenation. Check out the before and after photos for the impressive results as treated in our office. 


January 2018 was initiated with the celebration of Rose's birthday.  We had lunch at Paramount Fine Foods on Bay Street and did not leave hungry!  Of course, we had room for birthday cake.  Wishng Rose a very happy birthday and everyone of you a happy and healthy New Year!  See you soon. 

Our final celebration of the year was our Christmas Party for 2017.  We had a fine dinner at Wish restaurant on Charles Street.  This was followed by a live performance of The Wizard of Oz at The Lower Ossington Theatre. We wish everyone a happy holidays.  Happy New Year!  Looking forward to continue helping you improve your oral health in 2018.

The second celebration of December honoured Ashley on the occasion of her birthday.  Lunch and birthday cake made the day just right!

Our end of year celebrations was kicked off with the celebration of Brooke's birthday with a scrumptious lunch at Planta on Bay.  Watch for our next celebrations coming soon. 

Halloween was a scary event on October 31!  Staff and patients had fun. 

We are happy to welcome Stephanie to your team at Dentistry on Yorkville.  She brings over 10 years of dental assisting experience to the office.  We are excited to have her with us.

We wish Michelle the best of luck as she explores new endeavours after three years with our offlce.  We thank her for her fine service and wish her well.

The month of January gets a double header for birthday celebrations with Michelle being the second one.  We visited Bronwstone Bistro on Yonge Street south of the office and we even enjoyed a rendition of Happy Birthday played on the piano.  Happy Birthday Michelle!

We celebrated Rose's birthday on the 18th of January by visiting Sabai Sabai on Bloor.  Good food and great company!

We recently celebrated Ashley's birthday with a lunch at Cibo just down the street from the office on Yorkville.  We look forward to our Christmas gathering in a couple of weeks.  We enjoy our December!

November is the month that starts a series of celebrations at our office. We celebrated Brooke's birthday at the newly opened restaurant Planta on Bay St.  We enjoyed some
artfully composed vegan dishes. Happy Birthday Brooke!

Dr. Pine is thrilled to announce that he has been certified in the Dr. Chao Pinhole Surgical Tecnique.  Comprehensive training was completed last weekend in Pasadena California with the inventor of this amazing procedure Dr. John Chao.  We will now be able to cover areas of gum recession that is scalape-free, suture-free and graft-free. Check out this link for more information:



This past week we took the next step towards our path of being paperless.  As you may know, May 2013 was the time that we switched from paper charts to paperless, with all information being electronic.  We had already been switched over to  digital radiographs a year earlier. 

We will no longer be giving you a pen and paper when it's time to update your personal information, rather a STYLUS  and a TABLET!  The forms have been digitized and they will be wirelessly securely transferred from the tablet to your file in our system.  

We are proud to provide you with the best  experience from the time you walk in to our clinic to your customized treatment plan!

Dr. Pine and the entire staff at Dentistry on Yorkvile spent an evening with David Goodman from Heaven Can Wait (google his name for a great life saving true story!) to re-certify us with the qualifications of CPR and the use of the defibrillator.  Continuing education is important to us and keeping everyone up to date is imperitive to providing our patients with the best care possible.

The end of the month was capped with wishing Michelle a happy birthday!  Lunch at Jack Astors with dessert at the office. A nice start to 2016 for our group.

January is a popular month for celebrations at Dentistry On Yorkville.  We started the month with wishing Rose a happy birthday!  We enjoyed our lunch followed by the sweet birthday cake!

On behalf of the entire team at Dentistry on Yorkville we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. We celebrated mid December at Wayne Gretzky's for dinner followed by some good laughs courtesy of the comedy troupe at Second City. Best wishes to all!

December celebrations continue with Ashley's birthday. Lunch at Jack Astor's with our customary cake back at the office.  We are looking forward to our holiday celebration this coming week.

We enjoyed celebrating Brooke's birthday recently at Cibo Restaurant on Yorkville. Always a pleasure to celebrate with a great team.  Unfortunately Ashley was unable to attend.

We know summer is  upon us when we celebrate the birthday of Rozy!  Lunch was at The Pilot on Cumberland. Happy birthday Rozy!

We are proud and fortunate to have recently celebrated and honoured our Office Manager, Rose, on the occasion of her 15th year anniversary at the helm of Dentistry on Yorkville. We enjoyed an afternoon lunch after which we presented her with a plaque in recognition of this milestone. THANK YOU ROSE!

We have had numerous suggestions to improve the clarity of our New Patient Questionnaire with respect to the font size and ease of readability.  We are proud to announce that we have updated this document and are happy that this process will much easier for everyone.

Your special staff has completed their CPR training this month.  We were privileged to have David Goodman from Heaven Can Wait to educate us and share his expertise with us. We reviewed our emergency protocols, our medications and procedures to ensure  the highest level of care and safety for you , our friends.  Looking forward to the start of spring and seeing you for your regular visits to our office.

January is now officially a 'double-header' birthday month as we have added Michelle to our team.  We love celebrating birthdays as we honour the most important aspects of Dentistry on Yorkville-- your staff.  We enjoyed lunch at Jack Astor's on Yonge Street and birthday cake back at the office, mid January.  We keep mid winter warm with celebrations.

We are pleased to have the position of Dental Assisstant competently replaced by Michelle.  Her Bio has been updated on the web site.

The new year of 2015 started off with our birthday celebration for Rose.  We had lunch at Ciao on Yorkville followed by a slice of birthday cake at the office.  We love to celebrate our co-workers!

We are happy to advise that we will be open to meet your dental needs throughout the holiday season this year.  We will be open our regular hours and will be closed, Dec 26, Dec 27, Jan 1 and Jan 2.  Wishing everyone all the best over the holidays, and a year of health, happiness and prosperity.  Thanking all of you for being a part of our Dentistry on Yorkville family.

Another year is coming to a close and we enjoyed the season with an evening at Herongate Barn Theatre.  We had a satisfying dinner in the main floor dining room of the barn, followed by a climb upstairs to the intimate theatre.  The company was the best part of the evening, however the pears were a little salty.  Thanks Rozy for keeping us on our toes!

Let the celebrations continue! Our group took flight at lunch to The Pilot on Cumberland to celebrate Ashley's birthday. Always fun.

We enjoyed a lunch at Jack Astors to celebrate Brooke's birthday. Good food and great company.

We enjoyed the Buskerball at the Mattamy Centre in celebration of the start of Buskerfest, and in support of Epilepsy Toronto. We enjoyed the creative acts and fund raising activites.An entertaining evening for a Tuesday night. Ourphoto wasalso displayed on page E8 of the August 23 issue of the Toronto Star!

We continued our summer birthday celebrations with Dr. Pine's birthday early August. His birthday date is mid July however his holiday away from the officecoincided with this date. We enjoyed lunch at the Bloor Street Diner and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

We enjoyed a beautiful summer day made even more beautiful by Rozy's birthday celebration lunch. We managed to enjoy a tea tasting stand on our way back to the office. Happy Birthday Rozy!


We are happy to have updated the Staff Profiles section with information about our newest team member Ashley.  We are extremely happy to have Ashley with us and her positive impact she brings to your dental experience at Dentistry On Yorkville and our team.

We are in the process of aquiring a new fulll time Dental Assistant for Dr. Pine as Valerie is no longer working beside him. We wish Valerie well in her future endeavours.

Stay tuned for additional updates as we have some exciting changes in the works!

On Wednesday January 29 we welcomed David Goodman of Heaven Can Wait to re-certify your staff in the procedures of CPR.  We are also one of the few offices that have an AED (Heart Defibrilator) on site for the safety of our clients.  Your safety and comprehensive care is foremost in our office mission and is continually upgraded.

We are excited to report that a full year has passed since we converted our radigraphic system to fully digital.  The benefits to you are immense and our efficiency has been greatly enhanced as well.  The greatest advantage to you the patient is the reduction in radiation exposure from the already low level using film, to less than HALF with the use of the new sensor.  Our ability to read the radiograph immediately, as well as the absence of needing to use environmentally unfriendly chemicals to develop films, is a welcome advancement.  We strive to provide the best service and technology for the benefits of our clients and the environment. Thank you for being part of our Dentistry on Yorkville family.